Beetroot can be combined with strawberries and banana in this smoothie, but they are mild-tasted, which is enough to pair well with almost any fruit you happen to have on hand. Using frigid fruit gives this smoothie a great sweetened taste.

If you want to cover the beetroot flavor even more, try using some frigid raspberries!

What makes this smoothie extra-specific is the extension of fresh ginger. Ginger and beetroot is a match formed in heaven, and cover up any “earthy” flavor you might otherwise taste from adding beet to a smoothie.

The combo makes me want to drink this smoothie everyday!

Tip: I freeze bananas whole, and cut them up into chunks right before combining.

Beetroot is beneficial for:

There are many feasible health advantage associated with beetroot, you should find new ways to insert them into the day. Beetroot salad also works as best appetizer. Try that!

•Beetroot may help to naturally lower blood pressure, apparently because they are high in nitrates.

•Eating beetroot may help to improve running performance and cycling performance.

•Beetroot may help to lower, thanks to pigments called battalions. One study suggests these might help detract pain combine with posteriors.

•The fiber in beetroot may help advertise peptic health.

•The nitrates in beetroot may also promote brain health by magnifying blood flow to the brain.

Dietary nitrate levels top around 2 to 3 hours after consuming them, so if you are hoping that eating beetroot will improve individual’s athletic performance, it’s best to eat them 2 to 3 hours before you need that extra boost.

Can You Freeze Beetroot for Smoothies?

Use fresh beetroot, because that’s what we have easily available on our hand most often. If you have some fresh beetroot that you don’t think you will use up right away, you can definitely freeze them for later.

When you freeze fresh beetroot, make sure to cut beetroot in to small chunks first, so they will be easy to measure out for this beetroot smoothie.

You can need to add a little extra liquid to the mixture-grinder if using frigid beetroot, but you can just add that as you go, until the smoothie reaches your required texture.

Optional Add-Ins

This beetroot smoothie is a great way to get more healthy nutrients into your day, but it’s not massive enough to act as a meal replacement.

To make it more stuffed, try adding one of the following:

•Hemp hearts (complete source of plant-based protein)

•Chia or Flax seeds (they are good source of manganese, copper and potassium extra fiber & omega-3 fatty acids)

•Almond butter is good for health

•Avocado (another great source of healthy fats)

Feel free to experiment with whatever you have on hand. I’d love to hear what else you try! is here for you, for some interesting preparation like this visit our blog, and feed us with your valuable comments.