This is one of the popular dishes made with okra , onion and spices of India. In India Bhindi is most preferable and hence favorite vegetable of Kids especially. Best combines with warm fulkas and paranthas, It completes the meal for a child.

Bhindi or Okra is a low calorie vegetable, so even if you are diet conscious , you can happily have it.

Let’s get started with the Ingredients and preparation of this delicious dish. Have a look:

Sr no                  Ingredients                 Quantity

1                          Lady finger                   500 gm

2                           Onion                           2 long size

3                         Green Chillies                3-4 no        

4                             Oil                                4tsp

5                         Red Chili Powder           1 tsp  

6                         Coriander Powder         1tsp

7                         Turmeric powder           ½ tsp

8                        Dry Mango Powder        2tsp

9                           Salt                                  To taste


1-peel and slice onions , wash green chillis  and slit into two

2-wash and dry and wipe bhindi with a wet cloth cut both the ends and make 2 long  pieces  slit bhindi  horizontally with cutting them two 3-heat oil in kadhai and add a cumin powder add onion soute till light golden ,add green chilies and soute  for half minute add bhindi and sprinkle  red chili powder ,coriander powder and turmeric powder over the bhindi ,mix well cook covered oven low fire stemming occasionally . Add salt and dry mango powder when bhindi is almost cook finish cooking by cooking it on a high flame for two minutes.

Yes, It is as easy as its written, just add some love and sprinkle happiness at the time you serve. I wish your family will love your easy and quick preparation.

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