An astonishing combination of wheat flour and Salt that prepares Indian Flatbread. The common unleavened whole wheat flour bread, which is consumed by billions of North Indians in every meal.

Tandoori roti is known as tandoori rot as it is been prepared in ‘Tandoor’ or ‘Clay Oven’. It is one of the most preferred breads in India that is ordered in every restaurant as a universal combination with any curry and dish.

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Let’s get started with the preparation of ‘Tandoori Roti’

S.No            INGREDIENTS       QUANTITY

   1.                       Atta                    550 gm

   2.                       Salt                    To taste

   3.                       Atta                    To dust

   4.                     Ghee                For greasing


The Atta sieve with salt in a Puma-tail.


Make a bay in the sieved atta. Pour water approximately 350 ml in it and start mixing gradually when fully mixed, need to make soft dough and cover with the moist cloth and keep aside for so minutes. Divide into eight equal portions, make ball dust with atta, covered and keep aside for 5 minutes.


Flatten each ball between palms to make a round size approximately 6 inches diameter. Place the roti on the gaddi stick inside the moderately hot and bake for two minutes in a pre heated oven. Place on a grease baking tray and bake for 5-6 minutes. Serve it as soon as it is removed from the tandoor or oven.

To make fulka or chapati, flatten the ball with rolling pin in approximately 4 inches diameter. Both are worked on heated tawa. The fulka is puffed over an open fire it cannot be done on an electronic range. The chapati is cooked by pressing the edges of the disc however it will not puff as much as the fulka.

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