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Nothing is better than a healthy Smoothie with good taste. Today, we are going to prepare this Healthy Tasty Smoothie, which is packed up with vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, and unsaturated fats. This smoothie will go best in breakfast so that you can get yourself charged till Lunch timings. The ingredients which are mentioned below can be used in different quantity according to your preference,
Let us go through this easy- healthy recipe.

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Rich Authentic RAAN-E-SIKANDARI Recipe!


It’s an ancient authentic dish. It is one of those rich dishes which Alexandar offered to Porus, After Alexandar defeated Porus, He asked him that “how he would like to be treated?”, Porus said “As a king”, as he demanded to be treated like “King”, Alexander ordered big banquet for Porus and served him this authentic Dish called as “RAAN-E-SIKANDARI” , It is named on the name of Alexander i.e. “Sikandar” and Lamb is being called as “Raan”.

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