Water is one of the most essential parts of our body. As we all are well known to the fact that we need to be hydrated throughout the day for proper breathing, Digestion and Sweating. As these are few activities which take water out of our body, for proper functionality of these works, we need to hydrate our body well.

60% of our body weight is due to water. A man must drink about 3.7 Liters of Fluids and for a woman it is approx 3 liters a day. Ignoring the proper intakes could be a signal of dehydration and allows a body to inject illness and diseases. As per researchers Water is a nutrient and human being cannot live without it after few days.

Do you know, that the requirement of water to a body change according to the climate, circumstances, activity and needs. For Example, if we are running few miles continuously, we will require at-least few sips of water once we stop whereas if we are continuously walking, we won’t require that much of water. Similarly, Heat climate will make you thirstier and cold weather suppresses the thirst.

Some people found it boring to drink Normal water and gradually ignore their thirst, which is why they affect their body functioning and as a results they face dehydration, imbalance of body temperature.
For this, it is very important for a human body to intake proper amount of water in any format.

Ways In which water could be taken:

  • Fruits and Vegetables (Citrus Rich)
  • Flavored Water
  • Fizzy Water
  • Form of Ice
  • Beverages

Adequate Water will maintain your digestion and eliminate constipation problems, proper digestion can let your body discharge or remove the waste of your body, If you drink almost required Water, you body will be active and free from Lethargy.

If you are not able to drink adequate amount of water daily , then change your routine with better habits that consists water intake and releasing activities. It is also important to release the waste of body through sweat, Ejection and breathing and for that you need to re-fill your body with water. For improving the habit you may follow these mentioned steps:

  • Water Alarm in short span that reminds you of drinking water.
  • Adding Nutrients rich fruits and vegetables in your menu
  • Physical activity performance will make you thirstier.
  • Sipping water at night let you remember to drink it.

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