Mental health should be your priority!

As we all know that good food is the key to good health. But Good food plays a vital role in good mental health too.
Even If we know what is good and what’s not good, we choose the bad over good each day. We are very well known to the fact that feeding our body with Green vegetables and fruits will keep us more active but we choose to avoid them.

In-country, the statistics of obesity is increasing in numbers so rapidly, that we are getting enrolled in the list of obese in huge numbers. Obesity is the biggest influence to disturb your mental health. Obese is always a lethargic and in-active person.

You can really get out of Obesity, but just doing a small thing that is dropping the junk food in the junk. Junk food is the root of Obesity. Feeding yourself with unwanted Sugar, Salt fats, and carbohydrates result in a Slothful body.

For a vigorous lifestyle and mental peace, you are required to substitute junk food from green vegetables and fruits, which are enriched with minerals and nutrients. This will not only strengthen your mental level, but it boosts your immunity 2X times. Hence, it will help you stay away from common illnesses such as diabetes and blood pressure.

Therefore, Have a healthy diet and keep yourself safe.