When you follow a vegan diet that should not that your intake of essential vitamins and minerals is lacked. Here are some of the reasons mentioned why to include calcium, vitamins B12 and C, and zinc in your supplement routine.


Eat Dark Green Vegetables, dried figs, fortified soy products or supplements and almonds, If you had eliminated dairy products intake from your routine. For best absorption, take calcium carbonate with food. It is very important to substitute dairy products with some calcium consisted of food for strong bones.

Remember: For Proper functioning Calcium requires magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.

Recommended dose: Adults 1,000 mg daily, divided into two doses

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B is commonly found in animal products. It majorly helps in producing red blood cells for the body and preventing it from anemia. These could be found in enriched cereals, supplements and fortified soy products.

Recommended dose: Adults 2.4 mcg daily.

Vitamin C

Supplementing with Vitamin C, allows your body to absorb plant-based iron. You can have beans and peas, lentils, whole-grain commodities, Enriched cereals, dark leafy green vegetables, dried fruits for balancing you Vitamin C, and other than that you can intake than from supplements.

Recommended dose: Adults at least 200 to 300 mg daily


For Supporting Immunity, cell functioning, and normal growth and development, you need to have an appropriate amount of Zinc. You can take them from plant-based resources that are: legumes, whole-grain pasta, wheat germ, fortified cereals, nuts, and tofu, in this bio-availability could be low. Other than that you can focus on protein-rich food that could be found in Legumes and nuts, as protein allows zinc absorption. Even if you are lacking the zinc in both, you need to take supplements I, if required.

Recommended dose: Men, 11 mg daily and Women, 8 mg daily.

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