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Pani Puri is one of the best Indian street foods. They are also known as Puchka’s and Gupchup, popular all over India in various flavors. Many college students and teenagers love to survive on this snack for long. College student’s stand for the competition that how many pani puri’s you can eat can make a champ at the panipuri eating challenge. The sweet, spicy, and tangy flavor just leaves you wanting more no matter how much you eat. As we all know about the diverse culture of India, every region has its own way of making the fillings of pani puri.

In this small section of blog, is mentioning the best way of preparing pani puri., It is one of the special snack, we serve here at Halifax and people love it. For all those who do not know how you make them, let’s go through this guiding portion of

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